ABAP for Business Graduates

applog · December 15, 2016

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Course Description

This course is a combined course from different sources (Multisource Course) based on research on the topics that are necessary to cover for business graduates who want to learn SAP ABAP.

Note: Multisource Courses are part of Applog vision to provide free courses for learners from different backgrounds, and allow participates to create other free courses (depending on their talents) to share with Applog community. The Multisource course outline is based on Applog curriculum and requirements research.

The sources are well selected to ensure that all aspects of the important topics of ABAP are covered.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Introduction to ABAP
  • ABAP Fundimentals
  • ABAP Debugger
  • Database Dictionary
  • Customer Interaction
  • Organizing Project Implementation
  • Database Interaction
  • … more is on the way


The course covers important questions for learners who are interested in SAP certification.

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