About Us

Vision, Mission, Values, Talents.

A developed journey plan to put learnings into practice!
"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things". Mother Teresa

The vicious cycle

A job seeker requires experience to get a job and needs a job to get the experience. A pain that almost everyone experienced.

Our Mission

Applog mission is to stop the vicious loop by providing structured internship programs and certifications.
We take learners from beginner practitioners' level to qualified interns.
The motive is to break the painful loop that job seekers face every time they try to change career or get a job but requiring expereince in the first place. So we take the learner through stages from A-Z to help them integrate in the new job role by covering the main job requirements to reach there.
Based on carefully researched job requirements, we are able to build a learning journey that is comprehensive and needed in the employment market.

Multisided Platform

Applog LMSMS is a multisided learning management system promoting third parties training programs i.e. SAP & ABAP to reach out to potential learners (practitioners). It is a comprehensive LMS and CMS to ease the interaction between learners and providers.



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