Agile Business Analysis Project

Univesity of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)

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Features, Workflows, Roles Prospective, Quality Assurance, Security measures, Database Interaction, Customer Requirements,
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We bring learning resources from qualified providers and combine them with the right tools for learning. The internship program equip learns with the right skills needed in the current employment market. The combination of resources enabled us to provide comprehensive courses that takes the learner from A-Z to cover job requirements.

Certified Providers

Our partners range from organizations to individuals who are expert in their discipline. The purpose is to bring competencies and talents in one pool, combine them together for the purpose of creating comprehensive programs for learners while using the highest resources available and the least cost possible.

Applied Research

Applied research is the practical application of science. It accesses and uses accumulated theories, knowledge, methods, and techniques, for a specific discipline with the objective to make program more like for internship purposes.
In our case, we create the program outline and research or partner with experts to fill the gap.

Alternative Methods

We combine different teaching methodologies. Practical and theory together are key to succeed in implementing knowledge when needed. Learners have different learning styles. Applog try to provide different programs for different audiances when possible.

We brought in one pool different access providers who are experts in one or more platforms, are authorized and legal, do not compromise quality to mass sales and are trustworthy. We meditate to overcome technical challenges, filter untrusted providers, demonstrate and test products to ensure required quality.​
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COMING SOON: Deutsch für berufliche Zwecke ​
German for professional purposes: our aim is to create free online courses that support our vision to prepare our learners for the next career move. We can only survive with your support to maintain free courses. ​
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Our Most Popular Courses

Multiple courses, multiple sources, multiple disciplines are all in one place. The objective is to make internship accessible with social learning practices in mind.

22 Lessons

ABAP for Business Graduates

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21 Lessons

ABAP Independent Developer (Junior)

This coueaw is targeted for people who wish to learn the ABAP programming language inside and out, irrespective of their prior programming exposure. Our aim is to start from the very basics of programming in the initial chapters and introduce you to advanced concepts in the later chapters. We are not assuming you to have any prior programming experience, so whether you are an ABAP consultant or a seasoned SAP functional consultant, or even if you are completely new to SAP, you should find it easy to follow this course.

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ABAP for Students

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Agile Business Analyst

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9 Lessons

Agile Business Analysis

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Becoming our partner has an advantage. Popularity, diversity, and trustworthy. Popularity: among local and multinational learning atmosphere in a social learner environment. Diversity: partners complement each others which increase the potential of profitability and diversity in teaching / learning solutions. Trustworthy: the aim is to increase qualify and lower cost to as much as possible. This method improves the learning experience and build trust between the provider and the learner.

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Our talents combined is our uniqueness

With our programs, you can build your skills from a beginner to a competent professional.

You can choose the learning journey that fits your needs. It takes you through step by step stages. Each stage consists of sessions where you learn how to use tools that help you to move on to  next  stage. 

Our main objective is to bring professionals in one pool to take pressure of the learner and increase trust between the providers and learners. 

What Our Community Have to Say

Co-creation. Great idea! focused on the learner development while benefiting industry partners that are experts in the field.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
Building programs is easy and user friendly. What I like about it mostly is that the research (outline) of the program is predefined. As instructors, we are responsible to fill the gap.
Zasha Swan
From Australia
I am a registered learner during the beta phase. I am already accessing and learning so much. I love it that Applog care about learners objectives and the cost-effectiveness concept. I look forward to the final set up. I believe it will make a difference soon.
Frank Jones
From Japan
Multi-source concept is like pool of open programs. All of us as experts can participate in completing the puzzle. Once it is complete, the program takes the learner from A-Z with the focus on new topics creation rather than reinventing the wheel. Applog here is playing the role of the platform owner and median partner. Beautiful! I can't wait until it goes live.
Beat Christen
From Bern, Switzerland